Faith Fest 2023

Music Meets Foster Care Advocacy in an Unprecedented Celebration

It’s rare that music, community, and purpose align so poignantly. As someone who agrees strongly that we can fix this problem I was deeply moved to discover the ambitious vision of FaithFest, an extraordinary festival hosted by 3rd Beat Studios that aims to not only celebrate faith and music but address a critical problem plaguing our society: the foster care crisis.

Scheduled for September 30th at Pine Trails Amphitheater and Park, FaithFest is set to be a one-of-a-kind experience where the melodies of faith resonate with a profound mission. At the core of this festival lies a simple yet powerful message: #everykid deserves a home.

The statistics are alarming. Over 391,000 children are in foster care in the United States. A stunning 1 out of 30 American children face homelessness. The impact on these young lives is immeasurable, leading to a higher likelihood of depression, unemployment, homelessness, and incarceration as they grow. By addressing the foster care issue, we stand a chance to heal many of the symptoms of dysfunction that afflict our society.

3rd Beat Studios, almost single handedly sponsoring this event, is more than just a benefactor; they’re a beacon of hope. Their commitment is not just about dollars; it’s about change. A change that reverberates through the voices of leading worship teams and artists, including the headlining act, Social Club Misfits. They are a gift to the festival, a symbol of unity in faith.

Yet, one of the most anticipated moments will undoubtedly be the performance by Sam Llanes. Known for his incredible rap talent and his unwavering stand for Jesus Christ, Sam Llanes embodies the spirit of FaithFest. His performance is not merely a showcase but a testimony that faith and love can triumph over adversity.

FaithFest is not just another festival. It’s a call to arms, a plea for compassion, an opportunity for us all to step up and insist that every child in our nation has a home. It’s an event that goes beyond the boundaries of music and faith to touch the very soul of humanity.

The world needs to know about FaithFest. Keep it in your prayers, share it with your community, and embrace the possibility that through music and fellowship, we can make a difference.

At 3rd Beat Studios we firmly believe that every kid deserves at home which is why we partnered with 4kids of South Florida as our charity beneficiary. We’re not only hoping to raise awareness, we’re also planning to bring resources. Now it’s our time to get in the story. #everykid

Join FaithFest. Be part of the change. Let’s ensure that the echoes of faith and love reach every child, every heart, every home.

About Sam Llanes:
Sam Llanes is an artist whose music reflects his personal journey of faith, resilience, and transformation. Hailing from Parkland, Florida, Sam’s heartfelt compositions combine the artistry of rap with the inspiration of Christian music. His songs are a testimony to his experiences, navigating through life’s challenges and discovering hope amidst adversity. Through his lyrics, Sam shares a narrative that resonates with listeners, inviting them to find strength in faith and to embrace positive change. Sam’s commitment to spreading positivity and light is evident in his music, making him a beacon of encouragement in a world that often seeks solace. His passion for music is deeply intertwined with his faith, resulting in a captivating fusion of genres that brings comfort, inspiration, and a reminder that there’s always a way forward.

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