Summertime Solutions

By Michael Armfield

Can you believe it’s almost Summer time here in South Florida? Your children’s school year is coming to a close and your vacation plans are beginning to become a reality. For many people summer is a time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful weather and extra time you have to spend with your kids.

Summer also presents many business owners the opportunity to slow down and plan for the season that is quickly approaching. How about you and your business? Are you planning to review what you have accomplished based on your business plan for the year? Are you excited to analyze your metrics and make the adjustments necessary to have a stellar year?

Did you know that many business owners actually work without a plan for success? Have you set goals that are linked to activities that should result in growth in your business? If you answered no, then this is article is just for you.

As you plan your summer vacation what details are most important to you? You have your travel plans, whether you are flying or driving. You have the destinations you will visit. You are orchestrating plans with your neighbors or family members that will join you. You are considering what activities your budget will permit you to experience. So many details are floating around in your minds that need to be accounted for to ensure an awesome vacation.

Like most parents, you are up for the task and are ready to make this the best vacation your family has ever had!

A great vacation is actually the result of planning and hard work. Discovering and understanding what your family wants is the first step, Designing and Developing the details is the second step, jumping in the car and Deploying your plans resulting in a glorious experience is the culmination of your efforts.

Now I want you to think about you business. Your company is the conduit to you earning the income to afford a great vacation. The building, delegation, and planning you put in place is what allows you to vacation without worry of what will happen while you are away. Nothing soothes the soul of a business owner more than the security of knowing you have planned for every possible detail.

So, how about you? How about your business? Are you geared up to make 2016 an incredible year of growth and prosperity? Would it surprise you to know that many business owners have a goal in mind for their business but have no measurable plan for how they are going accomplish their goals? You may think, well that’s just silly. If that is your response then you are probably one of the few owners who have taken the time to work “on” your business.

What do I mean by working “on” your business?

What I am talking about is the thought, planning, and honest evaluations of where you are at and where you want to go. So many business owners are just focused on working “in” their business. You know the daily activities to keep the train rolling down the tracks.

To be a great business you will have to work both “on” and “in” your business. Many owners I talk to insist that they do not have the time to work “on” their business.

Sadly this statement is one that will always leave you in the same place. Hopes for growth are muddied with the conclusion that maybe I will accomplish my dream next year. Desires for becoming the best in your field will be deferred to “I will see what happens”. Opportunities for new product offerings that are validated by your customers needs will once again be put off to the side because cash flow management is stifling your ability to reinvest.

This summer can be different for you. This summer will be different for your business if you place the same concern and attention toward your business as you do your family vacation.

Are you ready to ensure your company’s plan for success?

This month we are offering business owners a process that will ensure the success you desire. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level this year then we have an offer you cannot refuse. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you a free EBook that will take you one step closer to understanding how to create an incredible business.

After you receive this valuable tool and complete the exercises we have laid out for you, we will offer you one month of our coaching program absolutely FREE. This is a $1200 gift from Armfield Group to you.

By taking this step toward creating an incredible business; you will be setting yourself up for a vacation next year that far surpasses what you could ever want for your family.

This offer is time sensitive. We will only honor this gift to you if you respond via email to [email protected] by June 20th.

Life is too short to “hope” your most valuable resource (your business) will succeed.

Should we be talking?

Let’s talk…

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