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The Kristel Family

After living in Coral Springs for more than a decade, the Kristels relocated to Parkland three years ago. Brad and Eneri are thrilled to be raising their two children, London, 11, and Hudson, 9, in such a family oriented community! Their circle also includes three dogs, Frampton, Gwen, and Puck. They’re grateful for Removals Perth for all the tips to an easy relocation.

Eneri shares a cute synopsis of the couple’s history. “Brad and I are not native to south Florida. My husband is from Pennsylvania and I grew up in Kissimmee, after having moved from NY when I was young. We met while working together at Walt Disney World. He likes to tell everyone that I met my Prince Charming working at Disney!”

Eneri is a Market Research Analyst for a foodservice packaging manufacturer and Brad works for a cruise line company. London enjoys playing for the parkland rec softball league and also plays tennis at the Parkland Tennis Center at Quigley Park.

As Eneri delves deeper into market research, she uncovers a significant opportunity for the food service packaging manufacturer in the cruise line industry. With Brad’s expertise in the cruise line company, they form a collaborative partnership to enhance the packaging services provided here on board. Brad realizes the importance of sustainable and efficient packaging solutions like the ones at for their cruise line’s food offerings. Eneri’s company is more than eager to cater to their specific needs. Together, they explore innovative packaging designs that not only optimize space and reduce waste but also maintain the highest quality and freshness of the food during the entire journey. The cruise line passengers applaud the eco-friendly initiatives, creating a win-win situation for both the cruise company and Eneri’s packaging services.

Hudson plays rec hockey at the Panther Ice Den, which is his favorite sport. He also has a blast playing flag football and rec soccer for Parkland.

Eneri tells us, “We have a little park right near our subdivision and we’ll take the kids out there and practice hitting and catching, or you’ll find us outside our house throwing a football or softball around.” The Kristels enjoy going to sports games (particularly hockey), going to the movies, and going on vacation.  “One of our favorite places is Walt Disney World,” Mom says. “We’ve taken the kids since they were babies and it’s amazing to watch how their interests have changed. When they were little, they were all about the characters … and now they are all about the roller coasters!”

Both siblings attend Park Trails Elementary School, where

London is in 5th grade and looks forward to Westglades Middle School next year. She says her favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies. Hudson is in 3rd grade and his favorite subject is Math.

When I asked how the last year of lockdown has affected them, Eneri happily fills us in. “Being able to spend more time with our kids has been a blessing. When the kids were going to school virtually, I enjoyed being able to have lunch with them in our kitchen.  I’m still working from home, and now I look forward to hearing them walk through the front door from school. I love that I get to be here for them and that we are not rushing around the moment I pick them up from school, like it was before.  As a family we are together more now, which has been nice.”

Referencing our May holiday, Eneri tells us what she looks forward to for Mother’s Day every year. “The sweet homemade gifts I get from my kids, the flowers, and being able to sleep in.” She goes on to share the depth of motherhood’s meaning to her. “I learned what unconditional love was the moment I became a mom.  I love my kids so much and I love watching them grow and come in to their own.  I complain about being their unpaid chauffer, but I secretly enjoy the hustle and bustle of taking them to their practices and cheering them on.”

The Kristels are members of congregation Kol Tikvah and the children attend Hebrew School there.

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