The Young Family

These fantastic five are a clan in perpetual motion. If you’ve been on a field in Parkland in, oh, the last ten minutes, chances are good that you’ve run across one of the Young boys and their mom, Tracie and dad, Eric. Oldest brother Jordan, 12, plays Travel Soccer and Baseball as well as recreational baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Despite his packed schedule, Jordan maintains straight A’s in the 6th grade at Westglades Middle School and says that Science is his favorite subject.

Spencer, 8, is in the 2nd grade at Park Trails Elementary where his favorite subject is Math. He plays on three Parkland recreational teams, soccer; basketball and flag football. Eric’s company, Expert Watch & Jewelry, sponsors all eight of the boys’ teams, and he is also a coach with every one of them. “I just like being with the kids,” he says with a smile. Formerly a professional baseball player, Eric was at 3rd base & shortstop with the Cincinnati Reds and the Tampa Tarpons.

Troy, a typical, energetic 6 year-old, attends Kindergarten at Park Trails. Tracie enjoys spending time volunteering at the Elementary school in Spencer and Troy’s classes.

In their rare moments off the field and out of school, the Youngs enjoy going to the movies, shopping and going out to dinner. Tracie also loves antiques and Jordan has a seriously extensive collection of basketball shoes.

The Youngs have lived in Parkland for 11 years. “We like the family feel of it,” says Tracie. Eric has served on Parklands Parks and Recreation advisory board for several years now. After all, Eric says, “Every night of the week I’m at the park.”

Being the only woman in a houseful of boys, everyone in the family acknowledges that Tracie, the fun mom and humble owner of Nannie’s Vintage, is the “Queen of the castle.”

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