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Joe Kohn and Annette Winkler are the principles of Rock and Roll Realty. Joe, an experienced real estate attorney, decided to take off the suit and become a realtor. He tells us, “Annette is patient and she brings an effervescence to the listings and the transactions.”

Easy to talk to, with an engaging sense of humor, Joe says, “Unfortunately, some buyers and sellers are mismanaged by inexperienced agents who may not understand the intricacies and ramifications of the sales and purchase contract. You are buying the largest investment of your life, and, having my experience in your corner is invaluable.”

Many of us know about a neighbor or friend that had a disastrous real estate experience. Joe isn’t surprised, and continues with, “Some of the common mistakes that I’ve seen over the years is missed deadlines, and often ignoring them instead of making sure they are able to cancel the contract or getting a legally valid extension.” Joe opines, “During my many years as a lawyer, I’ve seen buyers lose their deposits based on something that simple. The sales and purchase contract dictates the entire transaction, and my experience as a real estate attorney gives my clients an edge, creating a more seamless process.”

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Both socially and professionally, real estate has always been a passion of Joe’s. Annette’s previous career was coordinating high end life events (million dollar weddings, extravagant bar and bat mitzvahs, etc.) for affluent clients with expectations of the highest level. Exceeding expectations has been instilled in her work ethic. Encouraged to pursue and to set up her own real estate company when life shut down due to Covid, Annette is loving her new career! “Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is a life event! My job entails a lot of listening, guiding, and caring for my client’s best interest. I have become more balanced with my family and my children.” Detail oriented, Annette is closely involved with every part of the transaction.

Joe’s passion for real estate has given him new direction. He tells us, “I’m calling this my real estate career 2.0, because I’m bringing in clients that I’ve known throughout the two decades of my legal career, and helping them achieve easy and more seamless real estate transactions. Houses will come and go, but relationships last forever.”

Joe Kohn and Annette Winkler

Why Rock and Roll? Joe is quick to let us know, “I have three main passions; Real estate, music, and cooking. “When I was getting ready to go to my first showing, I was trying to figure out what to wear, and it was a really hot day. Being an attorney, I have all kinds of longsleeved shirts, collared shirts, and then I started thinking, ‘I have all of these amazing concert shirts.’” Joe’s passion for music was the creation of the Rock and Roll Realtor. “After being in a suit and tie for 25 years, it’s a pleasure to go to work wearing a concert shirt.“

Completing 90 transactions since July 2020, Annette shares, “Careerwise, this has been the best decision for me. It’s really exciting, and there’s so much opportunity.” Annette has lived in Parkland for four years, and Joe has grown up in our area. He calls himself a “South Florida, Coral Springs/Parkland boy.”

Since we’re talking about music, both of our realtor friends are really into 80s and 90s rock. This duo is quite the team, and a whole lot of fun! Ready to buy or sell a home? Start at the top of the charts with Rock and Roll Realty.

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