Insurance Evaluation

By Brett Porter

Considering the volatility of the insurance market, now is a great time to shop auto, home and flood premiums. Many times there are big differences in rates when comparing different companies. Since we are an independent agency, we have the ability to “shop“ coverages for our clients depending on their individual situations.

Home policies may need to be adjusted once claims fall off your record or you have improved your home (replaced your roof or added impact windows/shutters.) The insurance market is very confusing right now. For instance, two homes that are exactly the same size and are located on the same street can have markedly different insurance premiums depending on factors outside of your control. Having a professional who can explain and educate you on your options is invaluable!

Similar to the complexities in the home insurance market, car insurance policies can also vary significantly based on a multitude of factors. Factors such as the make and model of the car, the driver’s age and driving history, and even the location of the insured vehicle can influence the insurance premiums. With the insurance market becoming increasingly intricate, seeking guidance from a knowledgeable professional, like Ultimate Insurance, becomes even more essential. By having an experienced agent who can explain and educate you on the various options available, you can navigate through the complexities of car insurance and make informed decisions to secure the best coverage at competitive rates. Just as private market companies have revolutionized the flood insurance market, providers like Ultimate Insurance can offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for car insurance, tailored to meet individual needs and budget constraints.

In the flood insurance market there are now many private market companies that offer lower rates than National Flood.

Auto policies may need to be adjusted once tickets or accidents fall off your record.

Considering the volatility of the insurance market, now is a great time to?shop the premiums. The auto and umbrella availabilities are plentiful and there are many carriers to choose from. You will often find huge differences in rates. The question to ask yourself is, do you have the proper coverage and are you with the right company? To be certain, please call for a no obligation review of your insurance policies.

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