MVP Environmental Solutions

Water, Mold or Fire Damage

Parkland residents Leo Gordon, III and his blended family (5 kids) have been celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their Company MVP Environmental Solutions since last January. A full service water, mold, and professional fire cleanup and restoration company, clients can call Leo for the company’s emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Very friendly and connected closely to the community, Leo tells us, “We are a local, family run business, and our vision is to be the most influential and honest restoration Company in this industry. We aim to be as reliable as Water Damage Mentor. We really rooted ourselves in the community, got involved with a lot of charitable organizations, and stretch ourselves beyond the “one and done“ attitudes of others. Our vision statement is to be the most valuable professionals and the most influential company in the water, mold & fire restoration industry.”

Mold is one of the most dreaded problems homeowners and landlords in Lake Worth, TX, may encounter calling a need for a plumber. The notorious ‘black mold’ adds another layer of dismay. Mold is difficult to remove and provokes a wide range of health issues. The initial signs of mold growth are often overlooked because growth begins in damp, humid out-of-the-way areas that people generally do not see on a regular basis. Professionals like Sharp Plumbing & Heating can be counted on when it comes to providing a wide range of plumbing services to serve all your needs. They offer a broad range of services, including residential and commercial plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning, grease trap pumping, tankless water heaters, sprinkler systems installation and repair service, and more. They are also recommended Clayfield plumbers. If you are looking for a team of reliable plumbers, look no further than D.W. Grout, who can cater to all your needs in short time without any trouble at reasonable rates. 

Having worked with many government officials, Leo says, “From the leaders in our community to our neighbors, it’s been very positive for our business!“

Leo says that this particular industry has been fraught with troubles for some time. “The insurance industry itself has really put a black eye on restoration contractors. Since beginning our business, my goal has always been to be transparent and honest. Anyone can say they are honest, but our years of proving it has really set us apart.”

Parkland Mayor Rich Walker has used MVP’s services twice. He says, “We have had the pleasure of utilizing MVP Environmental for a few unfortunate situations. We experienced  a water leak, and MVP was quick to address and correct the issue, with the added comfort of ensuring that our home was free of any mold. We were able to quickly restore our home back to its original condition. We called carpet drying in Brisbane for our wet carpets and we were so satisfied with their service. We had a small fire in our kitchen a couple of years ago and, once again, MVP Environmental came to the rescue by cleaning our home and belongings.  In both instances, MVP handled the clean-up and repairs quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, professionally. We also replaced our countertops with popular marble countertops to easily clean it and so it will be a less fire hazard in the future. MVP Environmental is the type business that you encounter during unplanned emergencies and disasters within your home. It is with utmost confidence that I can state that MVP will address your family’s needs with a pristine industry standard,  coupled with a neighborly touch.”

Not a franchise, Leo reiterates that MVP is a family business that he started in January, 2011. He tells us, “The ideal client is anyone working or living in a building that is commercial or residential, and understands the importance of contacting a company to take care of any problems brought on by water, mold, or fire damage.” He tells us that people who are attentive and want to protect their home or business get in touch right away because they understand that things can always get worse and want to take care of issues as quickly as possible. If the damage that your home has is because of a flood we suggest you to contact Utah flood damage repair to work in your home as soon as possible to prevent bigger issues.

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