Eliminate The Stigma

Eliminate The Stigma

By Scott J. Brook, Esquire

Passionate about Mental Wellness, I am confident that most of us would admit that we strive for mental wellness for ourselves, our families , and the people we share our communities with. There really should not be a stigma associated when someone suffers from depression, anxiety or a bi-polar disorder. Yet, too many people in our own community suffer in silence because of shame associated with a disorder that is not their choice.

Tragically, our community lost two more precious teenagers last March to Suicide. At the time, I was a new Mayor and felt compelled to take action again to provide our community with awareness concerning suicide and share solutions to mental health challenges. While losing Sydney and Calvin was the ultimate reason for my outreach to Eliminate the Stigma, my first and most personal reason was the loss of my own precious Mom, Marcia Brook, to Suicide when I was 23 years old.

My Mom showed no signs to our family or anyone we knew. With God, therapy, and love from family and friends, I have been blessed to focus much more on my Mom’s life and her love than I have on her death. I believe my Mom was silent, however, because of the stigma that is so often associated with depression. We MUST work together to eliminate the stigma.
Our mission at Eliminate the Stigma is to eliminate the stigma of mental illness so that people can seek treatment for Mental Health related issues without shame. We believe that once people know that taking care of ones Mental Health is just as important and normal as going to see a doctor for a physical illness. We provide the highest quality resources and information so that everyone has access to some kind of support right here, right now, at no cost. Our communities need healing and access to this information. Please help us by sharing our cause. We are all one and when one person heals, we all heal.

I am working with an incredible group of citizens and stakeholders in my capacity as Marcia’s son, not in my official capacity as Mayor, to form the Mental Wellness Networking Alliance. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm at Keller Williams in Coral Springs. We have two primary objectives: Suicide awareness and prevention, and to form a powerful local campaign that will be a National Model to Eliminate the Stigma. If you want to get involved, please attend our next meeting on February 5 at 6 pm or email Nancy at [email protected] Together, we WILL make a difference !!

Please see www.eliminatethestigma.net