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Sports camps give young athletes the opportunity to advance competitively in their favorite sports, or explore a new sport by practicing the skills necessary to be a successful player. American Heritage offers three different sports camps: Lacrosse, Soccer, and Tennis. Individual attention is given to each camper and, by the end of each session, each athlete’s fundamental skill sets are elevated to the next level.

Lacrosse Camp is offered from July 20-August 7. The coach, Chad Moore, is a former college lacrosse coach who has tremendous experience working with lacrosse players of all ages and abilities. For beginners, Coach Moore introduces basic concepts, skills and group work. Intermediate and advanced players will focus on strategy, position training, team offense, defense and scrimmages. Skills learned at American Heritage Lacrosse Camp can be used to give your child the confidence and edge to be a quality lacrosse player.

Soccer Camp is offered for all nine weeks of summer camp, beginning June 8 through August 7. American Heritage State Champion soccer coaches and players work with your child to help gain new knowledge of the game and master soccer skills. The coaches will work on footwork, shooting, goalkeeping, agility and conditioning. Each day, campers will scrimmage with others in their skill groups building on the fundamentals they learned. By the end of the summer, the campers leave feeling assured of their abilities to play competitive soccer throughout the year.

Tennis Camp is also offered all nine weeks of summer camp, from June 8 to August 7. American Heritage’s tennis program is well known throughout the state and is headed by State Champion Girls and Boys Tennis Coach Toby Croke. With outstanding instruction and facilities, campers will build essential skills on the court and compete in weekly round robin tournaments to improve their game. Upon completion of the program, players will have what it takes to play a competitive game of singles or doubles tennis.

All three sports camps include a daily swim break, snacks and lunch. For more information, please call 954-472-0022 ext. 3043 or visit

For More info call 954-472-0022 ext. 3043 or see

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