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Intentionality is a word that has lost its value in today’s fast paced culture. What does the word intentional mean to you when it comes to your life  or career? Are you pursuing the life you desire to have or are you just trying to keep up with life and the demands that come your way each day?

It has been proven over and over that the folks who have clarity on what they want in life and have a plan of attack to accomplish their goals are also the ones who actually succeed in their endeavors. Think about if you want to lose 40 lbs and decide you are going to join a gym to accomplish that goal, you have only taken one baby step towards achieving that goal. The next key step in accomplishing that goal is to determine how many days you will go to the gym, what exercises you will incorporate, and most importantly what your expectation is day by day and week by week. If you think you are going to magically lose the weight by showing up when it is convenient to you, you will not accomplish the goal you had in mind.

So often in life we incorporate a “well I hope so mentality”. This kind of thought process will only continue to leave you frustrated. Think about how many times you have said you wanted to accomplish a new goal, how many times have you actually followed through and achieved it?

At the Armfield Group we specialize in helping individuals get clarity about the things they want out of life. Are you a person who wants more but just has no idea of where to begin? Or are you a person who knows what they want but continually finds themselves compromising and accepting less than what they desire?

Intentionality is what will be required for you to achieve your dreams. If you are not sure if you are living out an intentional lifestyle then we have a “baby step” for you to try. Go to our web site at and click on the link that states “Do you want to know if the ArmfieldGroup can help you”. This will take you to an assessment  to fill out. By taking this assessment you will quickly discover which areas of your life you are achieving success in and what areas are in need of intentional behavior and are ripe for improvement.

As you read this article are you saying,” Yes I want more for myself and my family? Are you willing to take a “baby step” that obligates you to nothing and even better costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Once you complete this “baby step” Armfield Group will contact you and schedule a free one hour session to discuss your results and begin planning for the future you desire for yourself and your family.

Our lives either are chosen and deliberate or they are random and based on external events. Which kind of life do you want for yourself?

If you had a magic wand… What would you change about your business? What would you change about yourself? Are you willing to take a new approach? Let’s talk…


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