The Brooks Family

Erica Brooks is used to boys. Growing up in Coral Springs with three brothers and no sisters, it doesn’t daunt her one bit to be the mom of four sons and wife to her sweetheart, Bo. Active on a number of teams, Erica says, “They all play a sport, we always have a season, and that’s what we do every night (and day on the weekends).” When it’s not competition on the fields, it’s competitive at home. Bo says, “Whether it’s cards or basketball out front, we’re all about competition!” As we talk, Erica and their son, Dominic, are playing a pretty cutthroat game of Slap Hands. During all of our interaction, it’s very evident that this family is loving every minute of their time together. And the boys are: Cameron, 12, who is in the 7th grade at Sawgrass Springs Middle School where Math is his favorite subject. He plays travel baseball with the Mizuno Edge and also recreational basketball.

Dominic, 10, is in the 5th grade at Westchester Elementary. He prefers P.E., plays travel basketball with the South Florida Poison, plays flag football and also models. Jackson is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade at the same school. He likes Math the best,plays travel baseball, rec basketball and flag football.

And then there’s Carter…we’ll call him Carter the Cutup, an adorable 6 year-old who is in Kindergarten at Westchester Elementary. He likes P.E., playing basketball, flag football and baseball, and other outdoor activities…LOL.

Bo is a Chiropractor with his own practice. He used to play sports, but now coaches Dominic’s travel basketball team and stays busy with his other sons’ practices and games. Together, the Brooks family enjoys miniature golfing, basketball out front, ultimate frisbee and just about anything that’s competitive.

Erica, a Juice Plus Distributor, helps Bo at his office, loves photography, makes jewelry and does a whole lot of driving from field to field. Born in Coral Springs, her three brothers still live here, too. After Bo finished his Chiropractic education, he and Erica settled here to raise their family 12 years ago.

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