Check out hundreds of Coral Springs & Parkland Soccer Pix!!

Watching soccer is such a hoot. Whether they’re 5 and buzzing in every direction (often the wrong one) in pursuit of the elusive orb, or if they are 35 and charging determinedly down the field, shouting an insult in one direction and an order in another, ‘futbol’ is often just one comedic moment after another. The beauty of soccer, and the reason it’s so favored, is that it’s an easy game to understand. Two goals, one for your team and one for mine. I’m trying to get the ball in yours, you’re trying to kick it into mine. Feet and heads only. Pass to your teammates, because they are there to help. Put the ball in the goal and… the crowd goes wild!

We’ve been out on the fields watching the fun and taking hundreds of photos in Coral Springs & Parkland. LIKE us and check out the Spectator’s Facebook page! Tag your kids and see what all the fun is about!

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