Get over it! Let’s Have Some Fun!

By Shellie Miller

Having a conversation at the salon recently, my stylist mentioned that everyone seems to have lost their sense of humor! After I made a silly joke that made us both laugh uncontrollably, we realized that her statement was true! I think almost 2 years of our completely amended lifestyle and culture has thrown all of us for a loop.

Once upon a time, my household was busy with regular neighborhood gatherings, game nights, and weekends filled with company from all over the world. Life nowadays is a lot quieter, less exciting, and seems to be depleted of the usual amount of daily giggles. Keeping in touch with friends is simple when we have text messages, Instagram, and more, but I feel like many of us make excuses instead of diving in to the PHYSICAL social scene.

Through much of the chaos of our recent lives, many of us have turned to social media to make connections and see what our friends are up to. When you think about the multitude of people who are now working from home, imagine what that isolation brings into their personal lives. Many of us went from 40 hours a week at a busy office, to staying at home on our computer, and interacting with others digitally. Zoom meetings might be productive, but personal interactions build trust, friendships, compassion for others, and there are usually plenty of humorous moments along the way.

After chatting with several of my friends who feel exactly the same way, our mantra has turned to a very vehement, “Get Over It!“ Many of us have decided to buck the depressing trend of seeing the glass half full. As we head into a celebratory time of year, let’s remember all of our blessings! Not just the things we are thankful for, but the things we take for granted, like that friend who will talk you down at 2 AM when you’ve awakened from a horrible dream, and then reminds you about that night terror you had in college that had the whole fraternity house in stitches!

Instead of being offended at every slight we sense in our lives, let’s be more open to the humor that is always lurking if we look for it. Having a nutrition conversation with my daughter, I was telling her how important it is to “eat the rainbow,“ and that the more colors on your plate, the better it is for your health. I asked her how many colors she saw. She replied in a very matter-of-fact voice, “Six! But it’s seven if you count the burnt parts.“

Enjoy every moment of the Holidays this year with these award winning entertainment – Secret Chambers! Remember your sense of humor, which is an amazing coping mechanism. Interact with people “in the moment,“ and put the device down! Socializing with friends is a lot more fun face-to-face! Count your blessings, expect and delight in the humorous moments, and make this year’s holiday festivities the most delightful ever!

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