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There is no doubt, sometime in the future, South Florida will be visited by another hurricane. Count on it. As Hurricane Season began on June 1 and ends November 30, now is the time to get ready. Before you panic at impending event, make plans now, and start procuring supplies. Thankfully, TP is back in stock! Nothing eases stress during an emergency like having many of the details and decisions resolved in advance. Here are some tips for getting prepared from the Florida Department of Health:

Make an emergency plan: It should include, a) All members of your household, b) Special medical conditions, c) When and to where you would evacuate, d) Special transportation needs, e) Emergency meeting, f) An out-of-town contact who everyone can call to stay in touch, and g) Pet plan.

Gather emergency supplies: a) A gallon of water per person for 7 days, b) Non-perishable foods such as canned meat, fish, veggies, fruits and nuts, c) Can opener, disposable plates and utensils, and d) Matches and cooking gel.

Stock up on medical needs: a) 30 day supply of prescription medications from your doctor, b) Over the counter pain reliever, antacids, anti-diarrheal medicine and children’s medicine, c) List of all medications and essential medical devices, e) Physician contact number, and f) Blood type and allergies for all household members.

Assemble a first-aid kit with sterile bandages, cleansing agent, safety pins, gauze pads, scissors, sewing needle, moist towelettes and tape.

Collect essential data in a waterproof container. A) Contact information for property insurer, official emergency agencies, family and friends, b) Credit card and bank information, c) Portable computer storage device with electronic copies of mortgage, home deed, car title, etc. c) Instructions for shutting off utilities, and d) Pet health records.

List your major home belongings and back it up with photos.

More emergency information: Florida Emergency Preparedness Guide
in English, Spanish, Creole and large print. Go to
and search key word “Hurricane” for a list of related articles.

More mosquito protection information: and Also, see the JP Miller & Sons
Total Pest Solutions on back cover.

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