Rubble and remebrance

Rubble and Remembrance

by Jeff Liversedge

In a lake of broken concrete and steel, a reflection from the sun, brought me a bit closer to finding a thick golden man’s ring, inscribed in Hebrew. I imagined a wife giving it to her husband. Once in a while, an excavator would hit insulation or a pillow, sending feathers into the air. At night, it reminded me of snow flurries at night… Only people from the north would notice; how peaceful and calming that can be. I wonder what’s wrong with me that I could think about that, standing in the middle of what used to be hundreds of people’s lives? With a fraction of guilt, I refocus on work. Hundreds of rescuers work in full operating mode, 10 pieces of heavy equipment, all digging, scraping, searching. I get an alert on my phone, “lightning approaching.” From the top of the pile you see it rolling in, typical summer. Hoping it will go north or south, but no as it reaches the 3 mile perimeter, I blew the airhorn three times stopping what no one wants to stop. A dress covered in concrete that will never go out to dinner – a shoe with a missing heel, stacks of birthday cards that will never get mailed, a brand new soccer ball, a sock that only a three-year-old could wear.

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