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Youth Mentorship Program – Sponsored by PNA

By Xena Menezes

Mr. Scott Brook and his daughter Samantha Brook started the Youth Mentoring Program at the beginning of the pandemic to give the youth in our community a chance to connect with a mentor to guide them during these challenging times. This mentoring program is sponsored by Premier Networking Alliance, Project Leadership, and the Youth Innovation Table, aiming to pave the way to success. The mentorship program is a 4 to 5 weeklong program consisting of video calls once a week between the mentor and mentee. To begin this program, mentees in high school are assigned a mentor that best suits their goals. Each week a new topic is introduced to give the mentee and mentor a chance to discuss and engage in fun and educational topics. For one hour a week, mentees can ask questions, engage in conversations, take notes, and build lasting contact, essential in today’s market. Through this program, mentees will build active listening skills, leadership skills and learn how to be involved in the community. This opportunity makes connections in the work field and the community and provides a great experience that looks impressive on resumes. The Youth Mentorship program offers the tools and knowledge to explore their individuality and talents. The program helps them build the future they envision for themselves and learn how to apply it now. Below are testimonies from mentors and mentees who have participated in our program.

“The Youth Mentoring Program has opened and expanded my perspective on career paths, finding true value in relationships and connections with other people, and learning to truly enjoy my experiences and being present in them. Not only have I connected with my Mentor, Mayor Scott Brook, on a professional level through my similar interest in the field of Law and Government but having a mentor like him in this program gave him and I the time and opportunities to share wisdom, listen and connect with adults and youth, and simply have someone to talk to! Especially in the unusual times we have all recently been through with COVID. I am absolutely certain in my belief that this Youth Mentoring Program is definitely valuable and worthwhile to all students and youth.”

– Elizbeth Polion (Mentee 2020)

“Being a mentor for the Youth Mentorship Program has been such a rewarding experience so far. Being the co-president of the program has allowed me to connect with the Mentors and Mentees currently participating in the program. As a mentor, I get to guide and nurture younger people and their goals. I have the opportunity to guide them towards their goals and help them with anything that they need along the way. This process has allowed me to reflect on my experiences in my community and journey in life so far, which will enable me to better guide my mentee using the different opportunities available.”

– Xena Menezes (Mentor 2021)

If you would like additional information on becoming a mentor or just have general questions about PNA please contact us at (954) 757-5551.


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