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Already the place to go for family health, 5 Element Wellness Center welcomes a new practitioner, Dr. Michael Jefferson, a chiropractor with a unique perspective, personality and healing touch.

“My passion is Chiropractic because it is all about Human Potential. I get to work everyday with the built-in Intelligence of the human body, to unlock the person’s potential,” he says with passion. For 10 years, Dr. Jefferson has enjoyed listening to and helping patients acquire the health benefits that come from proper chiropractic care.  Adjusting misalignments in the body is just one part of the methods he employs to help patients achieve their best health.

“Everyone has the built in wisdom of nature,” says the Doctor.  “Chiropractors call this Innate Intelligence. It knows everything there is to know about healing.  No doctor can cure anything, we just remove the interference so you can heal.” Dr. Jefferson believes that removing the interference can allow the body to control and coordinate everything at 100%. His practice is based on the fact that structure determines function. “If you don’t believe that,” he says, “try bowling with a square bowling ball…the function will be off! The structure and posture of the body determines everything from heart rate to hormone production.” He continues, “In order to help the patient reach their highest potential, I often have to adjust the extremities as well as their neck and back. This includes ankles, feet, knees, thigh bones, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and even the head.”

Other aspects of Dr. Jefferson’s unique approach include nutrition, stress management and muscle work. “I teach people the ideal diet of humans, and why that is,” Dr. Jefferson says emphatically. “I also incorporate muscle work into my techniques because muscles and their connective tissues actually help hold the body in place along with the skeleton.” He also stresses, or DE-stresses, that, “Stressful thoughts can easily cause skeletal supportive muscles to become so tense, they pull the skeletal frame out of alignment. This is why stress management is so important.” He believes wholeheartedly that it makes sense for treatment to include all three aspects.

In an even larger scope, Dr. Jefferson wants to make a significant difference in how we look at our health. “I want to change the way healthcare is viewed and conducted in my community, and eventually this country,” he says with conviction. “We actually spend more on healthcare than any other nation, yet U.S healthcare is currently ranked 37th in the world. Our thinking needs to change before our rank in healthcare can change. Right now, our health care focuses on crisis care or sick care. Crisis care is based on need. People don’t want to pay for things they need,” he says thoughtfully. “Do you like paying the mortgage?” His humorous conclusion might be overshadowed by the irony.

As our interview ends, Dr. Jefferson condenses his outlook into heartfelt observation. “Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life.To get a patient to wellness and keep them there for their lifetime requires a multi-dimensional approach. In my opinion, if you are just addressing one aspect of health, you are doing an injustice to the patient.”

See Dr. Jefferson at 5 Element Wellness or call 954-657-8342 to schedule a consultation.

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