Photographic Memories

Photographic Memories

By Shellie Miller-Farrugia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Anticipated by millions of families around the globe, for many, December holds the promise of memorable moments and exciting events. Meal preparation, event planning, and gift shopping are a few pieces of the logistical puzzle that comprise December every year. It also guarantees a little bit of stress.

When pondering the holiday rush, one of the things I used to dread was sending out cards to absolutely everyone in my address book. It’s wonderful to receive them, especially the ones that include a lovely family photo of friends or relatives I may not have seen recently. However, when tasked with the job of getting that perfect family Polaroid, there were a few years that may be better forgotten. Complicated social schedules, an unfortunate acne outbreak, or a wardrobe malfunction can all lead to stressful family portraits. Have you seen any of the hilarious social media posts of “awkward family photos“? Yes, they happen quite often.

A friend and I were recently giggling about these situations. She said when she was a child, one particular year she had to pose for Holiday photos at a studio with her two younger sisters. She remembers that they were all crying in the car just before arrival, and that particular photo showed three red-eyed girls commemorating the season. She doesn’t remember why everyone was crying, but when she looks back at family Holiday photos, the teary-eyed evidence still makes her laugh.

Our family has always had fun trying to incorporate the pets. My husband “the photographer” can wrangle just about any crowd, but animals bring individual challenges of their own! “Stay” and “Sit” may be somewhat effective for any children over the age of four, but the 12-year-old beagle could be hard of hearing or distracted by the cat on dad‘s lap. From first-hand hilarity, I can tell you that setting up a photo shoot with a horse in a Santa hat on a windy day is a cardio adventure that requires lots of endurance, patience, and many carrots.

Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, our Spectator Family wishes you warm and wonderful holidays with people who surround you with love and laughter. Snap a few photos while you’re at it! Next year’s giggle will likely be at this year‘s gathering.